SIM cards for 4G routers

Anvil Mobile offers the ideal SIM cards for 4G routers to help businesses and consumers in remote areas access the web with ease. Our simple setup process, enhanced multi-network connectivity, and Fixed IP service guarantee consistent performance regardless of inconsistent coverage or congestion on networks.

In environments where 4G coverage can be unreliable due to environmental factors or congested networks, the 4G router and its Fixed IP SIM will always remain accessible. With the added security of a guaranteed connection, SIM cards for 4G routers with a fixed IP SIM offer an incredibly reliable and efficient connection option for any business or user looking to connect to the 4G network.

Anvil SIM cards for 4G Routers come with:

  • Easy activation and installation
  • Simple and easy to understand tariffs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Connectivity management portal to set alerts, data caps and manage your SIM cards
  • Fixed Public IP address
  • Configuration for routers available

See some of our competitive tariff options for our 4G router SIM cards below.

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