State-of-the-art internet failover and bonding

What is SD-WAN Pro?

SD-WAN Pro is our newly released SD-WAN solution, which includes our SD-WAN Pro box with state-of-the-art internet failover and bonding technology, plus a real-time online management platform.

SD-WAN Pro can bond up to six different internet legs achieving download/upload speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 500Mbps. We have designed an easy-to-manage, high quality, affordable solution that enables companies across the world to benefit from SD-WAN technology.

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Our SD-WAN Pro Solution Offers

The SD-WAN Pro box is available with the following add-ons:

  • Network Switches (required when connecting to a LAN infrastructure)
  • 4G, 5G Routers (for additional cellular legs)
  • Access Points (required for customers that want WiFi)
  • High-gain antenna
  • Cellular SIM cards
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How SD-WAN PRO Works

Wide Area Network

Each SD-WAN Pro box includes a fixed Public Static IPv4 address, ensuring that each connection will always be routed through the same static IP address. This functionality enables the creation of secure ‘wide area networks’ when multiple boxes are placed in separate locations.

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Multi-network 4G connectivity

Ensure you are always connected to the best signal

Connect multiple internet sources including 4G and ethernet

Have visibility of your connections through your designated connectivity portal

Source your hardware and connectivity from a single supplier

Aggregated bonding

99.99% coverage uptime

Increase your business resilience

Connect multiple locations

Manage your IP addresses in one place

Failover and Resilience

SD-WAN Pro solution allows you to bond multiple connections from ethernet, cellular and satellite ensuring your connectivity is as resilient as possible. Network and carrier agnostic, the unique functionality can be delivered over any internet service.

An SD-WAN box enables failover internet connectivity and resilience, when the primary source of internet becomes unavailable. An SD-WAN Pro box can connect Starlink, 5G, VDSL/ADSL, 4G (LTE), Fibre Broadband (FFTH), Fibre Leased Lines, Microwave Leased Lines, Wifi Links and VSAT across multiple legs ensuring continued connection to the internet.


Fixed IP’s

Ensure your devices are connected to a singular IP address through our bonded connectivity. At Anvil we specialise in Fixed IPs and can walk you through the set-up, connection and management.

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