What is SD- WAN?

SD-WAN is an acronym for Software Defined Wide Area Networking.

An SD-WAN box provides high-quality internet with a public static IP address by bonding a variety of internet sources, including fixed line, cellular SIM cards and/or satellite, creating a unified, secure internet connection.

SD-WAN is an essential solution for companies that:

  1. Do not have fixed line internet available on site
  2. Have unreliable internet connectivity
  3. Where always-on internet is critical
How does SD-WAN work?

What is SD-WAN Pro?

SD-WAN Pro is Anvil’s newly released SD-WAN solution, which includes our state-of-the-art SD-WAN box and licensed management platform.

SD-WAN Pro includes the option to bond three types of internet connectivity, achieving download/upload speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 500Mbps.

SD-WAN can be provided with or without connectivity.

What do you get when you purchase SD-WAN Pro?

There are a number of SD-WAN solutions available depending on the outcome required.

Please see here for the full range. Please feel free to get in touch via Live Chat should you have further questions.

What type of connections can I use in an SD-WAN Pro box?

You can use any combination of:

  • Fixed Line
  • Cellular SIM cards (integrated SIM slot and/or 4G router)
  • Satellite
How many internet connections can I use with the SD-WAN Pro box?

The SD-WAN Pro box has a single internal SIM card slot, plus 4 x RJ45 ports. Our standard SD-WAN Pro package enables you to use 3 x internet connections for either bonding or failover, which can include the internal SIM card.

What is the bandwidth?

There are 3 licenses available as below. This speed is symmetrical upload/download, however, the speed achievable is dependent on the internet sources connected to the SD-WAN Pro box.

100Mbps – SD-WAN Pro
250Mbps – SD-WAN Pro+
500Mbps – SD-WAN Pro-5G

The SD-Wan Pro bandwidth is defined by the level of licencing, ranging from SD-WAN Pro at 100Mbps bonding capability, to 500Mbps bonding capability on the SD-WAN Pro-5G. The actual throughput or internet speed is dependent on the sum of the internet connections used, minus a small overhead for the bonding service. For example, if you had two fixed line 80Mbps download/20Mbps upload connections that you wished to bond, you would see a combined (bonded) speed of roughly 150Mbps download/35Mbps upload.

How does the bonding work?

Bonding sends data over multiple internet connections, using the combined sum of the connections to improve bandwidth and internet speeds.

How is the bonding set up?

Once your internet connections are plugged in to the SD-WAN Pro box, the box will automatically set bonding to achieve the optimum bandwidth and internet speeds.

How do I determine whether it’s better to bond my connections, set them as failover, or both?

How you setup your SD-WAN Pro box is generally determined by speed of internet and cost of internet.

Where internet connection speeds are similar, bonding will provide greater bandwidth and speeds.

Where internet connection speeds vary greatly, using the slower speed connection as failover would be advisable.

Example: – 1 x Fixed Line and 1 x Cellular SIM card

  • High speed fixed line – Primary
  • Cellular SIM card – Failover

Example 2: – 2 x Fixed Line and 1 x Cellular SIM card

  • High speed fixed line 1 and 2 – Bonded – Primary
  • Cellular SIM card – Failover
What security features does the SD-WAN Pro have?

SD-WAN Pro includes the following security features as standard:

  • Encrypted tunnel between the SD-WAN Pro box and our network infrastructure
  • Multiple links reduce man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Single public fixed IPv4 address allows for whitelisting of the SD-WAN Pro service into other networks for added security
Does the SD-WAN Pro box offer Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is provided by additional Wireless Access Point (purchased separately). Please click on the below link to see our range of Access Points.

Can you provide the connectivity?

Yes, we are specialists in cellular connectivity and offer a comprehensive range of Unlimited and multi-network SIM cards.

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Does the SD-WAN Pro box come with a Fixed IP address?

Yes. Every SD-WAN has a single static public IPv4 included as standard.

Can I have multiple public static IPs on SD-WAN Pro?

Yes. We can provide public static IP subnets for applications which require more than one public static IP address.

Can I connect more than one location using SD-WAN Pro?

Yes, SD-WAN Pro is designed to enable multiple location connectivity, globally. This is achieved with an SD-WAN Pro box at each location.

To setup a multi-site deployment using SD-WAN Pro, you would need to speak with one of our in-house technical team members to fully understand and spec the solution required.

Do I need to use a specific connectivity provider?

No. Any form of fixed, cellular SIM card or satellite internet connection can be used with SD-WAN Pro.

Is this a global product?

Yes. The SD-WAN Pro has been designed for global use.

Where are the global internet breakouts for SD-WAN Pro?

Please see POPs.

Do you have a reseller programme for SD-WAN Pro?

Yes, please contact us for more information

Is 5G connectivity available?

5G is currently in the process of being rolled out across the UK and globally. We can provide a 5G capable router which can be used with the SD-WAN Pro for 5G connectivity. Please see more information on our 5G packages

How soon can I get connected?

We aim to have your SD-WAN Pro box delivered and ready to use within 48 hours. We stock all hardware and connectivity in-house.

Please contact us to order.

Multi-site; do I need a VPN or an SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, bonding and failover in a single unit

What value does SD-WAN offer for multiple sites?

Transparent routing;
Ease of network deployment at multiple sites

Diagram of multi-site and single site

Why do I need an antennae?

An external antenna will improve reception of the mobile network carrier and allow for greater throughput and signal quality. An externally mounted antenna can be positioned for optimum signal reception.

Why do I need a router?

A router ‘behind’ the SD-WAN Pro Box, or ‘in front’ of it, or both? A router ‘in front’ of the SD-WAN Pro Box can be any router used to supply internet connectivity. It could be a 4G or 5G router, a fixed line ADSL/VDSL router, or any internet gateway device which supplies an internet connection. A router ‘behind’ the SD-WAN Pro Box is potentially required if there is no existing LAN at the site of deployment. There could also be infrastructure behind the SD-WAN Pro Box, such as a firewall, a switch, access points etc. that form the LAN functionality. The SD-WAN Pro Box is a gateway device primarily, so can integrate with existing networks.

What technical support will I receive?

The static IP of the box enables our technical team to provide full remote management of every SD-WAN Pro.

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